Another Addict? How Tragic!

STAR has pieced together the shocking story of Nicole's sexual adventures from her closest friends and a new tell-all book by pal Faye Resnick, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, published by Dove.

Mother-of-two Nicole, 35, "threw off the shackles" and was like "a woman reborn" after legally separating from O.J. in the spring of 1992, say several of her friends.

For eight years of marriage she endured her famous husband's cheating, bullying and boasts that there were "50 million women out there who want O.J. Simpson."

Yet, she never fooled around once and counseled her married friends against extramarital affairs.

"She was totally opposed to infidelity of any kind," says a friend.

"Her view was that just because O.J. cheated on her, it wouldn't make things right by her turning the tables on him. She never did while they were man and wife.

"But once they separated, it was an entirely different ball game. She was free to date guys and she certainly didn't waste any time."

In her blockbuster book, Faye Resnick says: "She enjoyed, actually needed sex. But it was also Nic's way to escape from pain. Men were her drug of choice.

"It wasn't until her marriage to O.J. started falling apart that she began to rely on sex as both a weapon and an opiate."

As revealed exclusively in the last issue of STAR, that man was O.J.'s bosom buddy and football protege, Marcus Allen.

We told how Nicole started a six-month affair with the handsome football star after breaking up with O.J. But, we revealed, she played down the depth of their passion when she was forced to admit to O.J. that she was seeing Allen.

The affair, claims Resnick, that had petered out after Marcus became engaged to his future bride, Nike model Kathy Eickstaedt, was in full bloom at the time of the murders. And she says, this was a possible reason for O.J.'s rage.

Shortly before the savage June 12 slayings of Nicole and her waiter friend Ronald Goldman, Resnick claims she saw Allen's car parked outside the Bundy Drive condo.

And in a phone conversation a few hours before the murders she adds:

"Nicole was on cloud nine. I knew how she got when she was going to be with him. 

I asked Nic, 'Are you seeing Marcus?' She replied: 'Well, I've seen him.'"

Star Magazine (November 1 1994)