Sit Here! Take This! I'm IN Control!

A furious Sophia Loren confronted O.J. Simpson way back in 1978 after he beat up his teenage girlfriend - Nicole Brown - and warned him to seek counselling before his temper spun completely out of control.

The football great had battered Nicole so severely that her face was bruised and swollen.

And Sophia - who was filming the movie "Firepower" with O.J. - was so upset that she ripped into him in a restaurant even though others could hear.

"If this is how you treat women, you need to get help," Sophia told O.J. "You better see someone before you go too far!"

“Sophia was furious and outraged by what O.J. had done. She tried to convince him that he needed to get psychological counseling to deal with his aggressiveness toward women.”

The beating occurred in April 1978 while Sophia and O.J. were filming on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

Nicole, then 19, had been dating 30-year-old O.J. for almost a year. She flew to Curacao to join him - and got into a loud argument with Simpson in the casino at the Curacao Hilton Hotel, said a “Firepower” insider who witnessed the scene.

“I was sitting at a table when I became aware of Simpson speaking very loudly to this young, attractive blonde woman – Nicole Brown.

“He yelled at her, 'I don't have to sit here and take this ---- from you anymore!'

“Nicole walked rapidly out of the casino, right past me.

“She was obviously shaken.

“Her eyes were moist. Her lips were drawn tight. She walked to the elevators and disappeared upstairs, while O.J. remained at the gaming table.

“The next morning the hotel was abuzz with talk. I asked a bellman what was going on.

“He told me, 'Late last night, O.J.'s girlfriend came down to the lobby with a suitcase. She was crying and her face was bruised and swollen. She asked me to get her a taxi. She said she was going to another hotel and leaving for California in the morning.

“I asked her what happened and she said, 'O.J beat the ---- out of me.'”

Sophia disclosed to the insider: "I told him he had to learn to control his temper. 'Men do not hit women,' I said.

O.J. just sighed and said, 'I know, I know. But there are times when she makes me so angry I can't control myself."

The National Enquirer (September 27 1994)