Anything IS Possible? Your Day WILL Come!

Fast-living O.J. Simpson threw sex and drug parties at his $5-million mansion - with Los Angeles police officers among the guests, STAR can reveal.

"There were always lines of cocaine to snort," says former hero cop Burt Kelsay, who parties with O.J. and other cops.

Kelsay's exclusive interview with STAR is the first detailed account of Simpson's close personal ties with cops from the West Los Angeles Division, the zone that includes O.J.'s Brentwood home.

At least eight times during Simpson's stormy marriage to Nicole, police went to his Rockingham Avenue estate to answer 911 calls. But only once was the football legend arrested by police and charged with spousal battery.

Kelsay, married to his third wife and now living in Palm Springs, says: "O.J. told me, 'I want the police to be my friends. I'm pals with a lot of officers, some of them very high-ranking. If they're cool, it doesn't matter to me that they're cops.' Many officers in the local division were in awe of O.J. They wouldn't have wanted to hear bad things about him."

Most of the "parties" that Kelsay attended at Simpson's home were guys' nights out.

He says: "I want to make it clear that partying with O.J. meant nothing more than a few guys hanging out, doing coke and hitting the booze. Things never got crazy or out of hand.

"I saw Nicole at the house about four times. She'd stop by, snort a couple of lines, get some cash from O.J. and leave. But she'd always take some coke in a vial with her.

"One night I saw them out together at Pipps, a trendy L.A. nightclub. I walked in and spotted them seated at a table with four other couples. O.J. waved to me and I went over and shook hands. Just as I was turning away, Nicole leaped up and screamed at O.J., 'F--- you!'

"Then she stormed out of the club. O.J. showed considerable restraint. He just shrugged his shoulders. I have no idea what the argument was about, but Nicole seemed very volatile. I never saw O.J. lose his cool with Nicole or anyone else. 

He was a gentleman - whether he was sober, drunk or high on drugs. That's why I don't believe he committed the murders.

"I know from police experience that anything is possible. But knowing O.J., I find it impossible to believe that of him. I'm not privy to all the evidence, but so far, it points to O.J. being framed. Not by other cops, as some misguided individuals have suggested, but by sinister, twisted people.

"And I definitely believe there was more than one assailant. If I could tell O.J. one thing right now, it would be, "Your day will come. All this mess will soon be over,'"

Star Magazine (September 6 1994)